Welcome to the netAPI Key Center
This is the place you can create, manage, and delete your API-Key(s). Before you start implementing the APIs to your site, there are a few things you need to know. Please read the following texts carefully.

What is an API-Key?
The API-Key is an opaque and unique string that identifies your application for the usage of our services. It is assigned to a specific Domain and can only be used on sites with that specific Domain.

What data do we need?
To make sure that no unauthorized person is able to obtain access on your API-Key, some sensitive data is required. Since the Key is being assigned to one particular domain, the domain-name (e.g.: "example.com") is required. Furthermore to avoid unauthorized access, an email-adress and password is necessary aswell.

Currently there are no restrictions on the usage of our APIs. If anything on that changes, we will inform you in time, by the email provided with your API-Key.

For now thats all you need to know about the API-Keys. If you need further information on how to use them for our services, please visit the Documentation sites. If you want to create your own Key now, click here »!